How to play: First you need 2 to 4 players. Choose a player to deal cards.  (each round there is a new dealer going clockwise from first dealer). Deal each player 10 cards face down. Place remaining cards in a pile face down. Leave room next to it for a discard pile. Next place cards in 2 rows of five. The top row being 1 through 5 and the bottom row being 6 through 10. Next each player must choose a different color, red, yellow, blue or green. Each round players can choose a different color. Player to left of the dealer begins round drawing from the top of the deck. If the card drawn is their color and number they need place it in the correct spot face up (example if you draw a 3 card place it in the third spot from the left on the top row) and pick up and turn the card that was in that spot. If this is the right color and number you need, continue until you get a card you can't use. If you get a card you can't use but the card is one that the player who's turn is next can use, hand it to them and this begins their turn. If they can't use it, place it in the discard pile and they begin by drawing from the deck. Continue playing until a player gets all the cards turned over. This player gets a point. The remaining players get one more turn to see if they can go on a roll and turn the rest of their cards over. If any players do, they get a point. After that round if any players have any cards unturned they must turn over the rest of the unturned cards. If a player has all the cards they need in or out of place, they also get a point. Reshuffle cards and begin a new round. The first player to get five points wins the game!!!

There are three special cards. Stop, Reverse and Wild. The Stop card ends your turn. The Reverse card makes play go in the opposite direction. The Wild card can be used for any spot you need. If you go to put a wild card down in the spot you choose and the card you pick up already was the right color and number, place it back in that spot face up and move wild to another spot. Continue until you get a card you can't use.

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